The Genworth Virginia 10 Miler

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PlaceNameBib NoChip TimePaceGroupGroup Place
1Sophia Jantomaso5705:415:41/MGirls 13 and under1
2Nehemiah Jantomaso5695:595:59/MBoys 13 and under1
3Samuel Gunter4886:016:01/MBoys 13 and under2
4Jacob Clevenger4776:286:28/MBoys 13 and under3
5Aubrie Zealand6286:296:29/MGirls 13 and under2
6Kyle Beck4646:396:39/MBoys 13 and under4
7Owen Dunlop6256:486:48/MBoys 13 and under5
8Luke Meadows5206:516:51/MBoys 13 and under6
9Ben Barnett5606:516:51/MBoys 13 and under7
10Ryan Gallagher5666:516:51/MBoys 13 and under8
11Gabriel Byram4716:576:57/MBoys 13 and under9
12Luke Palys5897:047:04/MBoys 13 and under10
13Aidan Palys5877:057:05/MBoys 13 and under11
14Nathan Tucker6067:197:19/MBoys 13 and under12
15Dylan Palys5887:237:23/MBoys 13 and under13
16Isaiah Scott5917:247:24/MBoys 13 and under14
17Kendrick Ring5367:257:25/MBoys 13 and under15
18Cody Akershoek6157:407:40/MBoys 13 and under16
19Noah Austin4587:407:40/MBoys 13 and under17
20Fynn Carey5617:467:46/MBoys 13 and under18
21Tj Carlin5627:467:46/MBoys 13 and under19
22Hunter Howald4997:487:48/MBoys 13 and under20
23Katharine Caprise6377:517:51/MGirls 13 and under3
24Grace Warren5977:547:54/MGirls 13 and under4
25Liam Albon4517:567:56/MBoys 13 and under21
26Caleb Mink6317:567:56/MBoys 13 and under22
27Erin Coates5647:577:57/MGirls 13 and under6
28Emily Coates5637:577:57/MGirls 13 and under5
29Tyler Beck4658:008:00/MBoys 13 and under23
30Sam Yarbrough6048:008:00/MBoys 13 and under24
31Gabriella Layne5118:028:02/MGirls 13 and under7
32Garret Gellert4848:048:04/MBoys 13 and under25
33Mary Clare Caprise4728:058:05/MGirls 13 and under8
34Wilson Amelia5598:098:09/MGirls 13 and under9
35John Waterworth5538:138:13/MBoys 13 and under26
36Wyatt Moore5278:148:14/MBoys 13 and under27
37Quentin Haupt6148:168:16/MBoys 13 and under28
38Drew Turner5518:168:16/MBoys 13 and under29
39Micah Zellner5568:208:20/MBoys 13 and under30
40Lj Green5678:208:20/MBoys 13 and under31
41Ben Southall5408:228:22/MBoys 13 and under32
42Brennan Lee5138:338:33/MBoys 13 and under33
43Jackson Bauer4618:398:39/MBoys 13 and under34
44Travis Albon4528:418:41/MBoys 13 and under35
45Unknown Partic. 6406408:428:42/MBoys 13 and under36
46Kayli Birnschein4678:438:43/MGirls 13 and under10
47Steven Merholz5218:458:45/MBoys 13 and under37
48Colin Gagen4838:458:45/MBoys 13 and under38
49Kate Flippin4798:458:45/MGirls 13 and under11
50Charlotte Niblett5848:468:46/MGirls 13 and under12

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