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PlaceNameBib NumberChip TimePaceGroup PlaceGroup
1Catherine Hinegardner58308:36.38:36/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
2Gregg Hinegardner58408:38.38:38/M1Male 55 to 59Certificate
3Ava Breeden66111:47.911:47/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
4Brandi Breeden65911:48.111:48/M1Female 35 to 39Certificate
5Charmaine Trice64113:57.413:57/M1Female 45 to 49Certificate
6Rainey Trice64013:57.813:57/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
7Farren Attridge56915:30.415:30/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
8Steven Flath65216:37.816:37/M1Male 25 to 29Certificate
9Sinclair Gibbore65317:26.517:26/M1Male 35 to 39Certificate
10Addison Eppard55218:02.118:02/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
11Valerie Eppard55008:05.818:05/M1Female 30 to 34Certificate
12Michael Breeden66220:58.420:58/M1Male 14 and UnderCertificate
13James Breeden66020:59.020:59/M1Male 35 to 39Certificate
14Beckett Eppard55321:47.121:47/M2Male 14 and UnderCertificate
15Chad Eppard55121:53.321:53/M1Male 40 to 44Certificate
16Fred Stearns61925:27.725:27/M1Male 75 and OverCertificate
17Billie Stearns62025:35.325:35/M1Female 70 to 74Certificate