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Nags Head 5k/1 Mile Beach Race Series presented by Village Realty

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PlaceNameBib NumberChip TimePaceGroup PlaceGroup
1Bootcamp Bob9869:54.89:54/M1Male 65 to 69Certificate
2Jason Martina70811:35.011:35/M1Male 14 and UnderCertificate
3Caherine Thorson70712:01.812:01/M1Female 35 to 39Certificate
4Piper Costa65012:59.412:59/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
5Rocco Costa64912:59.712:59/M2Male 14 and UnderCertificate
6Cindy Busch70613:02.213:02/M1Female 40 to 44Certificate
7Finley Busch70513:10.813:10/M2Female 14 and UnderCertificate
8Jennifer McCartney28014:02.614:02/M2Female 35 to 39Certificate
9Collin McClain27915:13.515:13/M3Male 14 and UnderCertificate
10Hillary McClain23515:16.215:16/M3Female 35 to 39Certificate
11Dan McCartney65315:58.615:58/M1Male 60 to 64Certificate
12Alexandra McCombs62616:04.716:04/M2Female 40 to 44Certificate
13Marc McCombs62917:46.817:46/M1Male 35 to 39Certificate
14Nix McCombs62717:54.617:54/M4Male 14 and UnderCertificate
15Tegan McCombs62818:24.918:24/M3Female 14 and UnderCertificate
16Oliver Jack69320:12.020:12/M5Male 14 and UnderCertificate
17Coopoer Jack69520:13.620:13/M6Male 14 and UnderCertificate
18Nettie Jack69420:16.120:16/M1Female 30 to 34Certificate
19Ryan Jack69220:18.020:18/M2Male 35 to 39Certificate
20Stace Bain Critterden69635:32.335:32/M1Female 45 to 49Certificate