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Nags Head 5k/1 Mile Beach Race Series presented by Village Realty

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PlaceNameBib NumberChip TimePaceGroup PlaceGroup
1Natalie Van Dyke9612:52.612:52/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
2Amanda Nicholson20620:11.520:11/M1Female 35 to 39Certificate
3Natalia Nicholson20520:14.320:14/M2Female 14 and UnderCertificate
4Olivia Black19722:03.422:03/M1Female 20 to 24Certificate
5Evelyn Murray73527:45.527:45/M3Female 14 and UnderCertificate
6Terry Fowler73027:46.727:46/M1Female 55 to 59Certificate
7Josh Conroy18629:23.329:23/M1Male 14 and UnderCertificate
8Logan Fleshman83929:58.029:58/M2Male 14 and UnderCertificate
9Milton Fleshman77030:40.530:40/M1Male 30 to 34Certificate
10Melissa Fleshman83830:40.630:40/M2Female 35 to 39Certificate
11Kathy Cipolloni73631:48.831:48/M1Female 45 to 49Certificate
12Nicholas Jerez21031:56.631:56/M1Male 35 to 39Certificate
13Christine Kieffer76932:39.932:39/M1Male 40 to 44Certificate
14Lisa Kieffer9736:10.036:10/M1Female 40 to 44Certificate
15Patricia May18841:57.941:57/M1Female 65 to 69Certificate
16Nancy Conroy18142:00.142:00/M1Female 70 and OverCertificate
17Katriel Makor16551:21.651:21/M4Female 14 and UnderCertificate
18Ann Marie Kalinoski16654:21.154:21/M2Female 65 to 69Certificate