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National Running Day 2017

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PlaceNameBib NumberChip TimePaceGroup PlaceGroup
1Colin Bishop20910:31.710:31/M1Male 14 and UnderCertificate
2Evelyn Bishop4510:32.810:32/M1Female 14 and UnderCertificate
3Emily Olson22011:10.511:10/M1Female 15 to 19Certificate
4Erin Olson22111:39.211:39/M2Female 14 and UnderCertificate
5Melissa Mairs37111:43.611:43/M1Female 30 to 34Certificate
6Brayden Mairs2417:25.317:25/M2Male 14 and UnderCertificate
7Paige Bishop21217:28.617:28/M3Female 14 and UnderCertificate
8Lara Bishop21118:29.918:29/M2Female 30 to 34Certificate
9Karin Frazier21519:33.319:33/M1Female 45 to 49Certificate
10Megan Kefauver21621:45.621:45/M1Female 25 to 29Certificate
11Joshua Kefauver21721:46.421:46/M1Male 25 to 29Certificate
12Kaitlyn Biesecker21823:07.623:07/M1Female 20 to 24Certificate
13Jesse Biesecker21923:08.023:08/M1Male 20 to 24Certificate
14Becky Brown21423:53.423:53/M1Female 35 to 39Certificate