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Village of Nags Head 5k Presented by Village Realty

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PlaceNameBib NumberChip TimePaceGroup PlaceGroup
1Zach Lofties178216:55.111Male OverallCertificate
2Billy Magagana183517:05.51Male 45 to 49Certificate
3Herald Carling183918:13.51Male 19 and UnderCertificate
4Kyle Roth176518:36.42Male 19 and UnderCertificate
5Jake Bice175119:14.63Male 19 and UnderCertificate
6Nicholas Wolfe180219:49.01Male 35 to 39Certificate
7Griffin Labbance175920:01.61Male 25 to 29Certificate
8Benjamin Jordan182320:19.62Male 35 to 39Certificate
9Karl Kniffin185020:42.61Male 30 to 34Certificate
10Ashley Henneberger178520:51.71Female OverallCertificate
11Larry Schwab183120:56.62Male 45 to 49Certificate
12Erin Magagna183421:09.61Female 30 to 34Certificate
13Chad Theuerkorn182121:32.92Male 30 to 34Certificate
14Stephanie Snyder177821:48.21Female 25 to 29Certificate
15Tim Barnhart176622:06.91Male 60 to 64Certificate
16Adam Wolfe181822:27.93Male 35 to 39Certificate
17Maria Carling183822:33.91Female 45 to 49Certificate
18Skylar Haskiell179622:48.91Female 19 and UnderCertificate
19Cara Hall178922:56.82Female 30 to 34Certificate
20Tom Buckles176123:10.81Male 40 to 44Certificate
21Joe Tingley185223:18.74Male 35 to 39Certificate
22Amon Wooldridge180723:22.12Male 40 to 44Certificate
23Kyle Hall179023:37.42Male 25 to 29Certificate
24Elizabeth Herb177223:51.22Female 25 to 29Certificate
25Jade Wolfe180423:57.22Female 19 and UnderCertificate
26Dorie Fuller179424:10.21Female 55 to 59Certificate
27Laura Herb176224:36.93Female 25 to 29Certificate
28Ulrik Carlilng183025:35.05Male 35 to 39Certificate
29Karley Haskiell182625:36.03Female 19 and UnderCertificate
30Steve Moll184625:37.01Male 50 to 54Certificate
31Robert Carling183725:39.23Male 45 to 49Certificate
32Ryan Lambert146025:43.74Female 19 and UnderCertificate
33Jonathon Tingley184525:51.36Male 35 to 39Certificate
34Jeremy Swanson181925:52.77Male 35 to 39Certificate
35Michael Hurst177426:04.63Male 30 to 34Certificate
36Max Schendell175626:13.64Male 19 and UnderCertificate
37Lauren Beebe175026:14.21Female 20 to 24Certificate
38Paul Ruffle183226:17.65Male 19 and UnderCertificate
39Susan Wolfe181726:34.41Female 35 to 39Certificate
40Katie Arnold179926:48.72Female 35 to 39Certificate
41Maddey Wolfe181526:57.05Female 19 and UnderCertificate
42Blake Wolfe180527:23.16Male 19 and UnderCertificate
43Kyrle Preis182828:09.84Male 45 to 49Certificate
44Jean Lofties178128:16.52Female 45 to 49Certificate
45Kim Collis180628:20.21Female 50 to 54Certificate
46Tina Hurst177328:31.43Female 30 to 34Certificate
47Karen Lambert182528:46.71Female 40 to 44Certificate
48Kathleen Hindermyer178428:47.52Female 50 to 54Certificate
49Olivia Magagna183628:57.96Female 19 and UnderCertificate
50William Morrison176829:26.84Male 30 to 34Certificate