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PlaceNameBib NoChip TimeGun TimeTotal PaceGroupGroup PlaceGroup Finishers
1Ryan Carroll39814:4014:405:30/MMen Open11
2Dustin Branham7817:0617:076:24/MMen 99 and Under1196
3Meghann Cook11217:4417:446:29/MWomen Open11
4Forrest Bach38717:4517:526:39/MMen 99 and Under2196
5Bryce Perkins25917:4917:556:40/MMen 99 and Under3196
6Scott Wells35518:0118:136:45/MMen 99 and Under4196
7Nathan Reeve27018:0618:136:47/MMen 99 and Under5196
8Joshua Kinnear20118:2418:406:53/MMen 99 and Under6196
9Jed Goff16118:3118:536:56/MMen 99 and Under7196
10Shane Ulfig34218:3119:206:56/MMen 99 and Under8196
11Kyle Kamermayer19118:3519:266:58/MMen 99 and Under9196
12Erik Kuffel20318:4519:027:01/MMen 99 and Under10196
13Owen Hill38918:4918:497:03/MMen 99 and Under11196
14David Taylor32718:4919:067:03/MMen 99 and Under12196
15Daniel McCausland23518:5218:547:04/MMen 99 and Under13196
16Josh Sager28818:5319:087:04/MMen 99 and Under14196
17Lucas Hill38818:5418:557:05/MMen 99 and Under15196
18Steven Brock8018:5518:597:05/MMen 99 and Under16196
19Nathan Luksik22418:5819:007:06/MMen 99 and Under17196
20Michael McDonald23719:0019:207:07/MMen 99 and Under18196
21Carryn Owens25719:1219:177:11/MMen 99 and Under19196
22Megan Doty12919:1719:227:13/MMen 99 and Under20196
23Eric Recker26919:2419:507:16/MMen 99 and Under21196
24Joseph Miceli24319:2919:357:18/MMen 99 and Under22196
25Devin Gunhammer16819:2920:217:18/MMen 99 and Under23196
26Dominic D11919:3219:397:19/MMen No Age Provided114
27Tyler Dresden13119:3319:347:19/MMen 99 and Under24196
28Teresa Allman4919:3619:387:20/MWomen 99 and Under199
29Kevin Pope38419:3620:007:20/MMen 99 and Under25196
30Stanton Allman4819:3719:387:21/MMen 99 and Under26196
31Charles May23319:5120:137:26/MMen 99 and Under27196
32Nicole Mueller25219:5820:157:29/MWomen 99 and Under299
33Josh MacDonald22820:0020:187:29/MMen 99 and Under28196
34Michael Molloy38220:0320:237:31/MMen 99 and Under29196
35Megan Bourgeois7020:0720:297:32/MMen 99 and Under30196
36Shelly Satizabal38020:1120:177:34/MWomen 99 and Under399
37Angel Boord6920:1120:277:34/MMen 99 and Under31196
38Mary Burke8520:1520:227:35/MMen 99 and Under32196
39Amber Hecker17220:1620:347:35/MMen 99 and Under33196
40Chrystal Hinsenkamp17620:2620:267:39/MWomen 99 and Under499
41Dawid Rajch26520:2920:427:40/MMen 99 and Under34196
42Tyler Sweeney31020:2920:567:40/MMen 99 and Under35196
43Jeffrey Buschmann8820:3720:417:43/MMen 99 and Under36196
44Nicole Buschmann8920:3820:427:44/MWomen 99 and Under599
45Emily Soape31520:4321:067:46/MWomen 99 and Under699
46Angela Shidaker37420:4820:587:47/MWomen 99 and Under799
47Jessica Tomberlin33421:0721:287:55/MMen 99 and Under37196
48Eric Tomberlin33321:0821:297:55/MMen 99 and Under38196
49Anastasia Reuwer27121:0921:207:55/MWomen 99 and Under899
50Louis Shepard30621:0921:337:55/MMen 99 and Under39196