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Chesapeake Youth Foundation CASA Superhero 5k

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PlaceNameBib NoChip TimeGun TimeTotal PaceGroupGroup PlaceGroup Finishers
1Vicente Rivera115421:3821:396:59/MMen 99 and Under163
2Doug Bruno101421:5721:577:05/MMen 99 and Under263
3Craig Smith111222:1922:217:12/MMen 99 and Under363
4Jennifer Gildea104723:0023:027:25/MWomen 99 and Under188
5Rachel McHale116823:1123:137:29/MWomen 99 and Under288
6John Lansing107823:2223:337:32/MMen 99 and Under463
7Alexander Montoro108523:3523:407:36/MMen 99 and Under563
8Brandon Abarca100123:5124:017:42/MMen 99 and Under663
9Kelsey Host105923:5524:007:43/MWomen 99 and Under388
10Missy Wetherington112524:0424:067:46/MWomen 99 and Under488
11Alexis Rudd110424:1224:177:48/MWomen 99 and Under588
12Justin Ferguson103424:4524:497:59/MMen 99 and Under763
13Ryan Samuel110825:0725:128:06/MMen 99 and Under963
14Jonathan Samuel110525:0725:128:06/MMen 99 and Under863
15Evan Woodworth114825:2925:368:13/MMen 99 and Under1063
16Will Bowers114725:3525:368:15/MMen 99 and Under1163
17Michael Lau108025:3725:378:16/MMen 99 and Under1263
18Zakai Minggia115225:3725:378:16/MMen 99 and Under1363
19Omari Jackson106526:0126:038:24/MMen 99 and Under1463
20Helena Edge103026:2926:348:33/MWomen 99 and Under688
21Joel Yonts113526:3726:418:35/MMen 99 and Under1563
22Jasen Ferebee115326:4126:428:36/MMen 99 and Under1663
23Carrie Williams112926:4226:458:37/MWomen 99 and Under788
24Shannon Stutz111526:5026:538:39/MWomen 99 and Under888
25Jennifer Kalb106926:5226:568:40/MWomen 99 and Under988
26Raul Pacheco109426:5627:078:41/MMen 99 and Under1763
27Daniel Fifer103527:3527:438:54/MMen 99 and Under1863
28Jason Goodwin104827:4127:538:56/MMen 99 and Under1963
29Payson Burnett101527:5328:039:00/MMen 99 and Under2063
30Joshua Yonts113628:0928:139:05/MMen 99 and Under2163
31Stephanie Nguyen108928:2428:269:10/MWomen 99 and Under1088
32Lucas Oliver109228:2628:449:10/MMen 99 and Under2263
33Jesse Oliver109128:2728:459:11/MMen 99 and Under2363
34Rhonda Unterbrink111828:2828:339:11/MWomen 99 and Under1188
35Joan Jaqvez116728:3028:369:12/MMen 99 and Under2463
36Peter Jankell106728:3128:389:12/MMen 99 and Under2563
37Chad White112728:3328:379:13/MMen 99 and Under2663
38Hannah White112828:3328:389:13/MWomen 99 and Under1288
39Khaliliah Muhammad113928:3428:359:13/MWomen 99 and Under1388
40Keegin Jessee106828:4128:539:15/MMen 99 and Under2763
41Kathryn Jessee117828:4128:539:15/MWomen 99 and Under1488
42Morgan Elder103128:4228:529:15/MWomen 99 and Under1588
43Ryan Garver104528:4428:499:16/MMen 99 and Under2863
44Shannon Grant105229:5430:009:39/MWomen 99 and Under1688
45Gary Barlow100830:3230:369:51/MMen 99 and Under2963
46Lauren Butler116230:3230:409:51/MWomen 99 and Under1788
47Noah Hagy105530:3930:459:53/MMen 99 and Under3063
48Lyndsey Butler116130:3930:469:53/MWomen 99 and Under1888
49Deborah Rounds110331:0231:0710:01/MWomen 99 and Under1988
50Randall Garver104431:0531:1110:02/MMen 99 and Under3163