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Making strides for those affected by 

autism for over 17 years!


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April 20, 2013

Charlottesville, Va

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VIA Admin/Outreach


$2,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $1,820.00

Goal: $2,000.00


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Team Fundraising Pages

Hutter family $1,000.00$700.00
Max & Fischer Run for Autism $250.00$140.00
McLaughlin Family $750.00$500.00
Team Sharp $250.00$250.00
VIA admin/outreach- morrell $0.00$0.00

Top Donors

Joan Marionni $500.00
Mark McLaughlin $500.00
Claudia Dodge $100.00
Peggy Halliday $100.00
Kristin Lasagna $50.00
anonymous $50.00
Ann Flugge $50.00
Jamie Parnell $45.00
Christine Gottesmann $35.00
Jeff Neuman $25.00
Joe Csicsila $25.00
Charlotte Moore $25.00
Stuart Hutter $25.00
Lynda Sharp $25.00
Meaghan Lavery $25.00
virginia nilsson $20.00
Chris Platania $20.00
Karen and Tim Dorrell $20.00
Bonnie Sharp $20.00
Peggy Klouda $20.00
Kim Childress $20.00
Sarah Moore $20.00
Jenny Brown $20.00
Clay Wooten $20.00
Jennifer Poats $15.00
Paul Sharp $10.00
Jacqueline Seares $10.00
Michelle Weber $10.00
Millie Cohen $10.00
Jacki Bryant $5.00

Top Fundraisers

Hutter family$700.00
Max & Fischer Run for Autism$140.00
McLaughlin Family$500.00
Team Sharp$250.00
VIA admin/outreach- morrell$0.00

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A special thanks to our 2013 sponsors: 
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