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Committee On Temporary Shelter

COTS is a nonprofit corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and your donations to COTS are tax deductible. It is your contributions that keep COTS going. Without the generosity of people like you, COTS would not exist. You can help us by making a financial contribution to our programs


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COTS fundraising for KeyBank Marathon $500$125

Top Donors

richard anfang $500
Nancy Kaplan $250
Alison Lane $100
VHB $100
Ernest Pomerleau $100
Andrew Raubvogel $100
John McNeil $100
Brian Waxler $100
Jessica Oski $100
Barbara and Paul Beane $100
Michael Kass $100
Charles Tipper $100
Leigh Seddon $100
Laura Conway $100
Benjamin Marks $100
Jonathan & Betsy Oski $100
Jane Oski $100
Paul Languedoc $100
Tracy & John Treadwell $100
Mark Kane $75
John Kassel $50
Ali Maher $50
Sirotkin & Necrason, plc $50
Brian Dunkiel $50
John & Gloria Fassett $50
Kathy Strahm $50
Ki McClennan $50
Paul Karp $50
Bill Dodge $50
Jane & Gary Gruber $50
Eli Emerson $50
Daniel Mayer $50
Martha Staskus $50
Bridget and Nick Meyer $50
Victoria Brown $50
Kenneth Kaliski $50
Mark Saunders $50
Lewis and Doug Flinn-Beane $50
T. J. Boyle Associates $50
Eileen Elliott $50
Ben Werlin $25
carol rogers $25
josh lobe $25
Rebecca Boucher $25
David Grist $25
Judy Aydelott $25
dana rogers $25
Linda Dunson $25
Michael Desautels $25
katharine montstream $20
Janet Harvey-Coutrayer $20
Jessica Cover $20
Julia Curry $20
Erika Ekstrom $10

Top Fundraisers

50th BD Run$2,625
Jon Shenton for COTS$1,090
COTS fundraising for KeyBank Marathon$125

Top Teams

COTS fundraising for KeyBank Marathon$125