Pushing To The Finish Line Together


The mission of United Athletics is to pair local athletes and individuals who require physical assistance to participate in a variety of events – swimming, biking, running, and triathlon races. Participation in sporting events promotes both social inclusion and fellowship in a healthy athletic environment.

Come join us on our journey.

Thank you for your interest in donating! Unforunately we are not taking donations at the moment.

Top Donors

Rene' Hypes $25
Hazel Edwards $20
Cassidy Miklos $20
Nisha Saggar-Patel $20
Marisa Ruotolo $15
Rebecca Angus $10
Jamie Slifka-Tragle $10
Linda Kees $10
Michelle Scott $10
Amy Cook $10
Kathryn Kahlson $10
Maggie Kyger $10
Miranda Ratcliffe $5
Victoria Morales $5
Kristin Scharl $5
Marlyn Andino $5
Lindsey Eades $5
Deborah Napoli $5
Nicole Kensicki $5
Brenda Beck $5
Victoria Dryer $5
Jill Chumley-Jones $5
Heather Chumley-Jones $5
Rebecca Pickels $2
Trisha Reiber $1

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