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The Chase Away 5K donation

All donations will benefit Chase Away K9 Cancer, a non-profit organization that funds canine cancer research. Since its 2006 inception, Chase Away has funded 12 studies, all with the hopes to one day defeat this horrible disease.


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Top Donors

Catherine Rudiger $100
michelle guilherme $50
Harrie Parker $50
Jennifer Gregg $50
Shari Shriver $50
Carol Douglas $50
Robert Pels $50
Derek Bishop $50
Betsy Meinhardt $50
Rachel Cloutier $50
Anne LaLonde $40
Sandra Farrell $35
Alicia Butson $25
Charlie Posnick $25
Lori Roberts $25
Stephanie Kates $25
Karen Delsignore $25
Wendy Verrei-Berenback $25
Ethan Rogati $25
Darcy Tatro $25
Christine Smith $20
Patrick Brady $20
Annie Brabazon $10
Mark Scott $10
Susan Bowie $10
Serena Peck $10
Angela Stebbins $10
Martha McKenna $10
Brianna Reed $10
David Goyette $10
Kathryn Kreider $10
Katie Super $10
Ashley Hewes $10
Jenna Reynolds $5
Melanie Waldbrise $5
Craig Abel-Palmer $5

Top Fundraisers

Holly Parker's Page for Pups$75
Spirit of Lady$75
Strollin' with the Pooches$50
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue$45
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue$45
Team Super Spry Guy$45

Top Teams

Holly Parker's Page for Pups$75
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue$45
Strollin' with the Pooches$50
Team Super Spry Guy$45