Sadler Health Center

Sadler Health Center Corporation (Sadler) was established in 2003 to serve uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid, CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) and Medicare patients in the Cumberland-Perry area. Sadler provides affordable healthcare for over 12,000 persons. The Andy Towne Memorial Endowment is a fund managed by Sadler Health Center for the sole purpose of providing medical care, supplies, treatment, and educations to diabetics in the community.


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Team Cameron $1,000$1,206

Top Donors

Christian Companion Senior Care $250
Beverly Towne $200
Nick Garcia-Tunon $150
Susan Storch $100
Andy, Diedra, Mike & Molly Bragalone $100
Betty Jarae $100
Kathie Saunier $100
Italo & Marilyn Bragalone $100
Ron Domenick $100
Norman Fortrney $65
Jessica Saunier $50
Lisa Ellermann $50
Terry Holmes $50
Justin Leedy $50
Morgan Plant $50
Michael Bragalone $50
Todd Flickema $50
Angie Gillenwater $30
Jennie Hanlon $26
Nicola Bromund $25
CC Bragalone $25
Beverly Baker $25
Mary Ann Huttes $25
Jen Tecson $25
Joe, Sarah, Lucia, Ben, and Ma Blackford $25
Katharine Ellingson $25
Dina Hall $25
Alison Ferner $20
Brittany Weibley $20
Doug Clifton $20
Kristen Killinger $20
J.P. Garcia-Tunon $10
Tiffany Homan $10
Alice Hurwitz $5
Sally Brown $5
Kathryn Kranz $5
Andrew Rice $5

Top Fundraisers

Team Cameron$1,206

Top Teams

Team Cameron$1,206