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Gray Matters-– The Wendy J. Pierson Foundation

Be part of the 3rd Annual RUN FOR A REASON fundraising event for this newly formed, non-profit foundation in memory of local business owner Wendy Pierson, who lost her battle with brain cancer in 2009. Brain tumors are the leading solid tumor cancer killer of children under the age of 20, are the second highest cause of cancer deaths in adult males and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths in adult females, ages 20-39. Brain cancer does not discriminate against age, gender, ethnicity, or overall state of health, and has an extremely poor survival rate. Treatments have seen little progress in the last 25 years, largely due to the gross under funding of research. It is for these reasons that the Wendy J. Pierson Foundation for Brain Cancer Research was formed. We look to you for support in this grassroots movement so that we may help ensure that there is hope for every diagnosis. Thank you for your consideration and support. GRAY MATTERS!


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Karla's Race for a Cause $0$25

Top Donors

Jonathan Whitney $100
Merry Martin $100
Peter Kouides $100
Karen McCrea $100
Jill Markert $100
Tiffany Livingston $100
Dan Nathanson $100
Charles and Cleo Warden $100
Marianthy Litera $75
Dan Nathanson $50
Ellen Caldwell $50
Sarah Pickering $50
Stacey & Kevin Peabody $50
Christine Krolik $50
Hayley Perelman $50
Brenda Trackim $50
Anil Job $50
Hank Harmon $50
Roz Grossman $50
Jane Zenaty $50
Jennifer Oakes $50
Linda Carroll $50
Shawn Bryan $50
Jennifer Farrell $50
Perry & Rhonda Comstock $50
Bob and Pam Farrell $50
Darlene Stately $50
Joyce Tischler $50
Donna White $50
Shelley McCloskey $50
Sarah Gernux $50
Mike Binder $50
Mary Ann Patenaude $50
Becca Scholtes $50
bonnie scherff $40
Shana & Dan Cohen $36
Dorothy Binder $36
Heather Vendola $30
Brynn Struebing $30
Aaron Gilman $25
Charles Rankie $25
Emily Krueger $25
Carly Fahey $25
Nancy Cullinan $25
Matthew Katz $25
Anne Peplinski $25
Starla George $25
Joanne Gernux $25
Tricia Sansevero $25
Heather Seeley $25
Sandy & Fran Polom $25
Kim Hunt $25
Noreen Cretacci $25
Pam McCarthy $25
Matt Garrett $25
Julie Pfotenhauer $25
Sarah Menard $25
Sarah Menard $25
Victoria Packer $25
Jess Tourville $25
Meaghan Wahl $25
Jillian Grieco $25
Bridget Carberry $25
Meaghan Wahl $25
Bridget Carberry $25
Len and Irene Packer $25
Ron Adams $25
Nick Callas $25
Mary Ann Patenaude $25
Kathy Chase $25
Suzanne Leocopoulos $25
Mary Jo Quigley $25
Annmarie & John LaZazzera $25
Brenda Scungio $25
Marianthy Litera $25
Andrea Litera $25
Pete Cudney $25
Debbie Aggus $25
YiaYia Harriet Babacas $25
jodi eckman $25
Bobbie Block $25
Leonard Packer $25
Megan Skiles $25
Christina Althen $25
Heather & Cory Fantasia $25
Diane Lounsbury $25
Jackie Mooney $25
Karissa Nickerson $20
Kait McCarthy $20
Masa Kawano $20
Jennifer Heintz $20
Andre Bolduc $20
Dorothy binder $18
Elena Selivan $15
Peter Rossetti $15
Erik Wells $15
Nella Bajgier $10
Mary Zamorski $10
Judith King $10
Nancy Nelson $10
David Mignott $10

Top Fundraisers

Sooo, Krysten's Running a Half Marathon!?$1,750
Wendy's Team$650
DP's fundraising page$477
Natalie's Fundraising$433
Tracy's Race Page$350
Jim's Race for a Cause$285
Karla's Race for a Cause$25

Top Teams

Karla's Race for a Cause$25