Simple, Competitive, & Unparalleled User Experience

We offer the services and features event directors want, with a keen focus on the user’s experience.  Our fee structure is one of the most competitive in the industry. When you consider the exceptional customer service and support you will receive, the real value of Race IT is obvious.

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Simple and Easy to Use

By choosing Race IT, your life as an event director instantly becomes easier in every aspect of registration. Your participants will also thank you! Our registration platform is intuitive to use, easy to manage, and comes with powerful administrative features. From reduced customer support questions to greater visibility for your e-commerce items and donation efforts, you will immediately notice the difference that a professionally presented registration site can bring to your event.

Big Features, Small Cost

Race IT is free for events and organizations to set up an event or event series. Our platform is stable, secure, and scalable to meet the needs of any event size. We provide the most robust suite of features in the registration industry, period.

Using an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, we host and maintain the entire system so you don't have to invest in additional infrastructure or people. We put your registration page together, then you post a link or button on your website and, instantly, you're ready to go! Explore our list of services and contact us today to receive a custom registration fee quote.

A Customizable Experience Unlike Any Other

Race IT has an array of customizable features and templates. It is our goal to seamlessly integrate your registration into the current branding, look, and feel of your website.

Ask the questions that you want to, display them in the way you want them, and manage the data however you would like.

In addition to the front-end customization for your registrant's experience, your event will have powerful administrative functionality and behind-the-scenes features. Race IT allows you to easily upload your own content and interact with your data in a number of ways.

Service, Service, Service!

When you host your event with Race IT, you will never be put through a phone tree or wait days or even weeks for a response. Instead you will interact with an actual person who will support your question or issue with the highest degree of sensitivity and urgency.

It is our philosophy that the size, scope and complexity of an event shouldn’t limit the level of service and support they receive. From our largest races to the smallest charity fundraisers, we take the time to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the service they receive.

Although the Race IT platform is a highly intuitive and user-friendly, we pride ourselves on providing live training to you and your event staff which is geared towards their level of intended usage at no extra charge.  We realize that there may be features and functionality that is best demonstrated through interactions with our talented team.

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