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RVA Mile - Participants

First NameLast NameCityState/ProvinceCountryAgeGenderCategory
Tess Andres Richmond VA US 33 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Emily Casola Richmond VA US 21 F PUPS (18-29)
John Clarke Henrico VA US 59 M MASTERS (45-59)
Amy Cook Midlothian VA US 46 F MASTERS (45-59)
Ryan Dash Mechanicsville VA US 39 M HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Jenny deHart Lexington VA US 37 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Pieter deHart Lexington VA US 35 M HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Maria Dewing Springfield VA US 50 F YOUTH (10-17)
Mariah Dudley Richmond VA US 26 F PUPS (18-29)
Craig Dunbar midlothian VA US 51 M MASTERS (45-59)
Nancy Faux Midlothian VA US 66 F GRAND MASTERS (60-OVER)
Stuart Ferguson Richmond VA US 23 M PUPS (18-29)
Thomas Ferguson Midlothian VA US 19 M PUPS (18-29)
Amy Frick Chester VA US 47 F MASTERS (45-59)
Ashley Gibbs Richmond VA US 33 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Cole Gindhart Cibolo TX US 22 M PUPS (18-29)
Ginny Ann Glasgow Richmond VA US 34 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Beth Goodloe Chesterfield VA US 50 F MASTERS (45-59)
Jessica Hevener Richmond VA US 14 F YOUTH (10-17)
Danielle Joslin Richmond VA US 35 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Audrey Kane Richmond VA US 49 F MASTERS (45-59)
Brian Kinnaman Fort Lee VA US 43 M HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Denise Letendre Henrico VA US 25 F PUPS (18-29)
John McLees Midlothian VA US 46 M MASTERS (45-59)
suzanne mcwilliams Richmond VA US 64 F GRAND MASTERS (60-OVER)
Petra Platzer Midlothian VA US 43 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Michael Price Auburn AL US 56 M MASTERS (45-59)
Randle Raggio Henrico VA US 45 M MASTERS (45-59)
Scott Rose Midlothian VA US 48 M MASTERS (45-59)
Lori Strobl Richmond VA US 34 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Katie Townsend Yorktown VA US 36 F HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
John Turner Midlothian VA US 40 M HAMMERHEADS (30-44)
Charlene Wilhelm Richmond VA US 58 F MASTERS (45-59)