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Team Jeannie

I have been treated for brain cancer at MD Anderson right here in Orlando for about 5 years now. It’s a place that puts the patient first, from the moment you walk through the door to the last person you see when you leave. Besides having some of the most cutting edge cancer treatment technology in existence, they also have highly trained and caring doctors and nurses.

It's with this in mind that I ask you to support our fundraiser for MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Barefoot Fun Run. It would be great if you could participate in the run, but if you can't, a donation of any amount would be very helpful. The majority of funding for MD Anderson comes from benefactors and fundraisers so you are making a direct impact.

Please help if you can or pass this along to someone you think may be interested.


$5,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $3,925.00

Goal: $5,000.00


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Carrie $500.00$550.00
Cindy $200.00$0.00

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Fred Simcic $1,000.00
Louis Viggiano $200.00
Laurie Decarlo $100.00
Amy Menna $100.00
Nikki Monroe-Thompson $100.00
Linda Lee & George Paul $100.00
Christie Thorsen $100.00
Tanya Mulberry Pickens $100.00
Meredith Barry $100.00
Lidia Rupolo $100.00
Cynthia Stegner $100.00
Trina & Mark Roque $100.00
Glen Lockwood $100.00
Denise Dexter $100.00
Cissy Bertha $100.00
Melissa Dantic $100.00
Ruth & Renee Rizzo $50.00
Carolyn Simon $50.00
Megan O'Neill $50.00
Valerie Dumas $50.00
Deena Folic $50.00
Charles Viggiano $50.00
Colleen Olsen $50.00
jeannie watson $50.00
Bill Castillo $50.00
Stacie Bodnar Lemick $50.00
Mike Schulte $30.00
Nancy Burke $25.00
Brian Nowicki $25.00
Renee Horn $25.00
wendy mccann $25.00
Kelly Buell $25.00
Renee Kosc $25.00
Juli MacDonald $20.00
Namiko Suga $20.00
Alexis Armenti Latorraca $20.00
Emily Hoskins $10.00

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