Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5K Run/Walk


Shane McKenzie WCTY

Every night at 8:00 we honor veterans on WCTY, so what better way to supplement that than to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project!


$5,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $287.00

Goal: $5,000.00


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Team Fundraising Pages

For our brothers and sisters $750.00$32.00
heros $0.00$0.00
Melissa $100.00$0.00
Nick M. $100.00$0.00
Nick Monroe $0.00$0.00
WCTY Wounded Warrior 5K $0.00$0.00

Top Donors

anonymous $75.00
Matthew Mastalski $50.00
Regina Nye $50.00
Katie Christenson $25.00
Arlene Havens $20.00
tanya kane $17.00
Meagan Holmes $15.00
Stephanie Erickson $15.00
Theodore Escalona $10.00
Katie Hunter $10.00

Top Fundraisers

For our brothers and sisters$32.00
Nick M.$0.00
Nick Monroe$0.00
WCTY Wounded Warrior 5K$0.00