Mental Health Association of Delaware

From Darkness to Light (Myra & John)

Myra and I invite you to take this opportunity to support our team as we walk to "E-race the Blues." We want to help erase the stigma attached to the entire spectrum of all mental health issues and diseases including Depression, SAD, Bi-polar disorder and all the others. Please give what you can and help us reach our goal. God said, "Let there be Light." That was light for everyone including those who suffer from Mental Health Disorders. Let your generous contribution help us move every sufferer "From Darkness to Light."


$1,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $1,203.00

Goal: $1,000.00


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Top Donors

Sarah K Norton $100.00
Walter Intlekofer $100.00
anonymous $100.00
Patricia Loughlin $100.00
Jennie Hammett $75.00
Diana Bailey $50.00
John Hammett $50.00
Myra Kramer $50.00
Janet Brownback $50.00
Jonathan Hammett $50.00
Cherry Edgerton-Bird $50.00
Myra Kramer $40.00
Hope Rhode $30.00
Jo Ann Rollek $30.00
Anita and Samuel Smulyan $25.00
Donna & John Mitchell $25.00
John Long $25.00
Mary Moore $25.00
E.J. Reifsnyder $20.00
Jan and Ken Bornstein $20.00
Shirley Supplee $20.00
Deborah Murphy $20.00
Myra Kramer $20.00
victoria Starnes $20.00
Hope Rhode $20.00
anonymous $20.00
Margaret Ryerson $20.00
Eileen Berman $18.00
Myra & Harry Sachs $10.00
Marnie and Marvin Cohen $10.00
Janice Knox Brierley $10.00

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