Mental Health Association of Delaware

For My Pops & Ma

We are joining the MHA, in honor of Lauren's father and Rachel's mother, to help others understand the importance of mental health, to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and to spread the word that knowledge and awareness of the issues can make a difference.

Unfortunately, we will not able to attend the race this year, but we are still asking for your support! Please consider making a donation to this wonderful organization.

Lots of love,
Lauren & Rachel


$2,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $2,435.00

Goal: $2,000.00


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Top Donors

Richard Scott Lee $500.00
Lauren Golt & Ryan Schultz $500.00
Kevin Hanley $100.00
Brenda Golt $100.00
Andrea Volin $100.00
anonymous $100.00
Bruce Sokoloff $100.00
Kim Ryan $100.00
Laura Goeller $100.00
Michele Vella $100.00
Linda Gamble $50.00
Vanessa & Adam Braun $50.00
Olga Ganoudis $50.00
Meghan & Adrian $50.00
Stacey Bainbridge (and James Woodruff) $50.00
Lauren McCrery $50.00
Bonnie Silbermann $50.00
Carlie Volin $50.00
Kelly Hockenberry $50.00
Paula McWhorter $50.00
Sydney Sullivan $30.00
Amanda Ayers $30.00
Emily Longenecker $25.00
Kimberly Wayne $20.00
Madalyn and George (Schultz) Petit $20.00
Sarahanne Blake $10.00

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