Mental Health Association of Delaware

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Our Team is joining the Mental Health Association in Delaware to help others understand the importance of mental health, to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and to spread the word that knowledge and awareness of the issues can make a difference. We are also participating because studies have shown that exercise helps reduce stress and relieves the symptoms of depression. Please join me and my team as an 'E-Racing the Blues'© runner or walker. If you cannot participate, please consider making a donation. We thank you for your support!


$5,000.00 Goal

Total Donations Collected: $5,385.00

Goal: $5,000.00


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Top Donors

Jane & Bob Gibson $500.00
Grafton & Deenie Reeves $500.00
Niki & John Hawkins $500.00
Fern & Jim Skelly $500.00
Peggy Ableman Prendergast $500.00
Dee Ketchum $250.00
Carol Spiker $250.00
E. Norman & Suzanne Veasey $200.00
douglas bouchelle $100.00
Linda & Tom Shopa $100.00
Craig Rybinski $100.00
Dulany Dent $100.00
Christopher Daniels $100.00
Wendy Wise $100.00
Carole & Bobby Long $100.00
Ellie Corbett Hannum $100.00
Kathleen McNicholas $100.00
Karen Healy $100.00
Mary Jo Laskaris $100.00
kathy savage $100.00
Rita Speakman $75.00
Jane Castle $70.00
Kristine Qualls $50.00
Michael Gilmartin $50.00
Chuck Brynes $50.00
Jan Wilkinson $50.00
Gail Keller $50.00
Pamela Stevenson $50.00
Deborah M Sheldon $50.00
Bill Christopher III $50.00
Alex Wise $50.00
Edward Wissing $50.00
Paige Singer $50.00
Lisa Cattermole $40.00
Linda Miniscalco $25.00
roberta fishgold $25.00
Betty Bartlett $25.00
Kimmy & Jimmy Green $25.00
Tom and Cindy Collins $25.00
andy berger $25.00

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