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A Great Cause: No Fear in Love 6 mile Race

Problem: Teen dating violence is really a hidden problem, especially in our teens and young adults, with statistics reporting about 1 out of 3 teens experiencing some type of abuse in their lives. This is evident by the recent tragedies which have occurred on college campuses throughout the United States. I don't know if you know this, but there is not much/any focus on teaching this age group about healthy dating practices. Instead, we, society in general, wait until they get involved with negative dating relationships to act Solution: This race/scholarship is an opportunity to promote healthy dating in an innovative, thought provoking way; to tell these late teens and young adults that they deserve to be championed in their dating relationships and in life. And sadly, if they have gotten involved with dating violence, this one-year educational scholarship is an opportunity to help give them a fresh new start in life. You will help change the future for the lives of these young adults by your generous donation. All proceeds, minus race costs will be donated to the No Fear in Love 6 mile Race Educational Scholarship Fund. Thanks for your willingness to help! One person can make a difference. You did. One day, you will know how your contribution forever changed the life of a 16-24 year old girl or boy, in that he or she understood that they deserved to be in healthy dating relationships. With abundant thanks for your contribution of time, money, energy, and heart Karen Bontrager, No Fear in Love 6 mile Race Developer/Organizer