11th Hour Rescue

Focusing on saving Death Row Dogs from kill shelters, Eleventh Hour Rescue is a volunteer based, non-profit organization that promotes fostering dogs in a home; providing them with all the love and medical attention they require until they find their forever homes; educating the community about the animal over-population problem and the importance of spaying and neutering. Eleventh Hour Rescue relies on the generosity of volunteers to provide loving foster homes for dogs pulled from death row in high-kill shelters. For more information on 11th Hour Rescue, visit their website at www.ehrdogs.org.

Southern Tier Police Canine Association (STPCA)

Founded in 1984, the STPCA is a private non-profit association dedicated to the training of police dogs and their handlers from throughout the state of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond. The STPCA is funded by membership fees and private donations. These funds are used to purchase K-9s for training and for the purchase, maintenance and replacement of equipment used in training. The STPCA is active year round in the training of the K-9s and their handlers in suspect apprehension, contraband searches (drugs and explosives), searches for missing persons and human remains searches, tactical tracking, evidence recovery, arson investigations, building searches and patrol. In addition to chasing bad guys, each K9 team also trains very hard to maintain their ability to perform their specialty function (narcotics detection, explosive detection, human remains detection, etc.). For more information on STPCA, visit their website at www.southerntierpoliceK9.com. STPCA plans to allocate their donation received to the purchase and training of K9 units located in New Jersey.

Jefferson Township Municipal Pound

Jefferson Municipal Pound is a municipal pound staffed by one full time and one part time animal caretaker who work hard to find good new homes for homeless animals. Find an animal that needs a good home by visiting their list of homeless pets on their website at www.jefferson.petfinder.com.

Father John’s Animal House

Based in Sussex county, this group's primary purpose is to provide love, companionship, shelter, food, socialization, and medical care for the many unwanted animals that come to them until permanent, loving homes can be found for them. www.fatherjohnsanimalhouse.org