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All race proceeds benfit the HCC Men's and Women's Track & Field Teams, as well as the Women's Softball Team, but any additional donation is greatly appreciated!

Food Resources

Again this year Hagerstown Community College Women’s Softball Team and the Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Teams are proud to announce a partnership with Food Resources, Inc.

All Turkey Trot Participants are asked to bring a few canned/nonperishable goods with them on Thanksgiving Morning. The items will be donated to the Community Food Bank Warehouse.

Your donations help as well! For every $5 donated you will receive a ticket to be entered into your choice of 5 grand prize drawing options.

So please, think of those in need during the holiday season and help us reach our goal. For more information regarding Food Resources, Inc. please visit their website.


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Tamara Williford $25
Laura Marfut $25
Kelsie Yetter $25
Michael ODonoghue $20
Sarah Polzin $20
Meghan Gunsallus $20
Cheryl Gates $20
Rhonda Jackson $20
Meghan Gunsallus $20
Robert Boone $20
Kathryn Shirk $20
Eileen Darr $15
MIchelle Fleming $15
Rebecca Shaw $10
Shane Gorman $10
Cindy Neugebauer $10
Julie Cardenas $10
Tim Wilson $10
david abeles $10
Elaine Ashby $10
Eddie Waldron $10
Gabrielle McCafferty $10
Jessie Cho $10
Tim Wilson $10
Christopher Gaddy $10
Todd Johnson $10
Trish Meek $5
jill colbert $5
Emma Verdier $5
Kaylin Kloos $5
Robert Holsinger III $5
David Kloos $5
Austin Schetrompf $5
Gary Schetrompf $5
Jeremy Sowers $5
Jocelyn Sines $5
Shamus Cleveland $5
Katherine Roza $5
Caroline Roza $5
Leslie Pace $5
Denise Hoffman $5
Susan Leatherman $5
Linda Ritchie $5
Sharon Hook $5
Carl Brian Hook $5
Christopher Overcash $5
Kelsie Yetter $5
Alan Zube $5
Erin Gaddy $5
Brian Kane $5
Alexandra Henry $5
Chris Lyons $5
Kelly Fox $5
Stephanie Wilkinson $5
JP League $5
Bobb Shank $5
David Roza $5
Daniel Roza $5
Julie Fulghum $5
Shawn Chesnutwood $5
Shannon Murphy $5
Erin Howland $5
Aaron Sorg $5
Jenn Beaumont $5
brittany massey $5
Amanda Kline $5
doug hutzell $5
Rachel Conner $5
Kyle Tyra $5
Kyle Tyra $5
Philip Fish $5
Elese Wade $5

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